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Deebridge Electrical Engineers - Workshop Services

Workshop Services

All high value electrical equipment requires maintenance or repair during its working lifespan. Some equipment may be more viable to repair than replace given factors such as lead times or changes in manufacturing design. We can provide advice on whether a repair service is viable vs. sourcing a new item, and source a suitable replacement if necessary.

For the equipment Deebridge supplies, as a named distributor or otherwise, all qualified after sales services are made available locally through us. Our service is time efficient and we guarantee the best quality. Equipment we service on a regular basis includes motors, alternators, generators, drives & control systems, pumps, HVAC, gear boxes, ROV's and skid packages.

The Deebridge workshop facilities and offices are located in West Tullos Industrial Estate, Aberdeen, ideally located for providing an efficient workshop service to our local markets. In addition, we also have access to our parent company’s engineering workshop facilities in the Bridge of Don. We can handle equipment up to 5tons at the West Tullos facility, covering all manner of electrical equipment from motors to ROV’s rated up to 460 volts.

Deebridge’s motor rewind service ensures complete turnaround in no more than 5 days from the point of work authorisation. Unique and specialised facilities at our Aberdeen facility ensure fully compliant Ex repairs for hazardous areas. We have an in-house burnout oven and resin vacuum impregnation facilities which allows us to produce only the best in quality Ex certified motor rewinds.


  • Equipment assessment and reporting for safe and hazardous areas
  • Detailed digital reports
  • Cost effective recommendations
  • Approved by manufacturers and AEMT to inspect Ex equipment
  • 3rd party verification service

Fault Finding

  • Automatic Winding Analysis (AWA)
  • Core loss testing

Repairs & Overhauls

  • AC induction motors
  • DC motors
  • Stator windings
  • Generators & alternators
  • Armature / commutator
  • Endsheild housings
  • Bearing seats and shafts
  • Brushgear
  • Pumps
  • Motor gearboxes
  • Fan assemblies
  • Traction motors


  • AC induction motors up to 250kw
  • DC motors
  • Generators & alternators
  • Brake and solenoid coils
  • ROV stators
Deebridge Electrical Engineers - Inspection

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