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Deebridge in Aberdeen Cathedral Crisis
Customer Name: Saint Andrews Cathedral, Aberdeen

Date: 29/10/2014

Deebridge were contacted by the cathedral to advise that they had a serious problem with the fan motor providing the air to the organ situated within the cathedral, and asked if Deebridge could assist and advised that this matter was very urgent given that they had upcoming festivals.

Deebridge sent engineers to assess the problem and rectify if possible on site, however given the mechanical damage the fan motor and impeller had to be removed from site for repair. After inspection of the motor and impeller at Deebridge's workshop it was found the motor was beyond repair and the impeller require substantial mechanical rework, to compound matters the motor was non standard and obsolete. After discussion with Richard Kilgour at the cathedral it was agreed to replace the motor with a metric version which would require modifications during installation and get the impeller required. Deebridge engineers a few days later returned to site to install the motor and modify the fixing base, refitted the fan impeller and commissioned the final assembly.

Customer Feedback
I would like to say that all your help assistance in this matter has been such a help. With the skills and engineers from Deebridge we have been able to overcome this considerable crisis as we approach some significant events as a cathedral in the coming weeks. I have been most impressed by the efficiency, workmanship and communications which made this possible. I have to say that I am delighted that the work could be contracted locally with yourselves. The organ has been back functioning fully to the satisfaction of the musicians on site. Please convey our appreciation and thanks to your engineers and all concerned with the project. Sincerely. Very. Rev. Richard Kilgour. MA BD Provost and Rector

Saint Andrew's Cathedral
28 King St.
AB24 5AX

BARTEC VARNOST Product Updates

Date: 09/10/2014

Please find the latest product updates from BARTEC VARNOST in the newsletters below:

Deebridge Electrical forms alliance with BARTEC VARNOST

Date: 18/07/2014

We are pleased to announce the Deebridge Electrical Engineers Ltd has signed a strategic alliance with BARTEC VARNOST of Slovenia to be their distributor for the supply of Standard Metric Motors, Standard EExd Motors, Pump Applications Motors (IP68) Special Solution Motors and Dust Ignition Proof Motors.

Deebridge Electrical Engineers Ltd was established in 1947. From the foundation to the present day offer onshore support for the repair and overhaul of electric motors, generators, alternators, control systems, gear boxes, pumps, HVAC, site services along with the supply, repair and recertification of EX Equipment.

BARTEC VARNOST was established in 1958. From the foundation to the present day they have been engaged in the development and production of explosion protected electrical devices. In 1997 the company became a member of the German holding corporation BARTEC who is now a full owner of the company. Today together with BARTEC, they are a leading European company in the field of development and production of explosion protected electrical devices.

Operations Director of Deebridge, Dave Marr stated, we are delighted to have formed this alliance with BARTEC VARNOST and to be bringing their innovative technologies and range of EX equipment to the North Sea market particularly the ATEX Certified NEMA range of explosion proof motors.

Dave added, we have already completed 2 major projects with Drilling Contractor customers who had numerous problems replacing UL Listed Explosion Proof Motors that needed to be replaced, both companies had offers to replace these machines with Standard ATEX Certified Metric frame motors. Clearly these offers posed numerous problems regarding significant mechanical structural alterations offshore to accommodate these frames, shaft drive changes and certification changes to be agreed with their insurers, the exercise was going to be a very time consuming and costly and did not fit in with the project timeframes.

Deebridge convened several meetings with these customers and working with BARTEC VARNOST design engineers we provided a solution of identical machines built in a NEMA Frame and PTB / ATEX certified delivered within 6 weeks, these machines are now installed and operational.

BARTEC (UK) Ltd Commercial Manager, Kim Scott added in the past 12 months BARTEC and Deebridge have established a good professional working relationship due to Dave and his teams technical expertise, enthusiasm and commitment to supply solutions to meet their customers’ needs. With our partnership, a strong market presence and a proven track record we are well placed to capitalise on future opportunities within hazardous areas.

Deebridge Awarded Contract to Supply Motors for the Brent Charlie Decommissioning

Date: 25/10/2013

Deebridge is working with Archer to support Shell’s decommissioning of the Brent Charlie platform. The contract with Archer involves the repair and replacement of motor equipment in order to re-activate the Brent Charlie drilling rig for well plugging and abandonment work.

The Brent field began production in 1975 and is famous for having provided a benchmark in crude pricing globally. The field has four fixed platforms which are now in varying stages of decommissioning. Brent Alpha has already ceased production, the Bravo and Delta platforms are due to follow in late 2014 and the Charlie platform will cease production last, scheduled for late 2015. Preparations on the Brent Charlie are already underway, with Archer holding the drilling, engineering and maintenance contract for all Brent platforms since 2004.

Deebridge is working with Archer and Shell to find the best motor solutions for the Charlie drilling rig, which has not been active for several years. The project involves repairing and rewinding a number motors which are too unique to be replaced, as well as sourcing new replacement motors where possible.

Dave Marr, Operations Director of Deebridge said ‘We are delighted to have been selected by Archer for this high profile project. The decommissioning of the Brent field is being followed with interest by many in the industry as the North Sea prepares for a significant increase in decommissioning activity in the coming decades. Deebridge has been supporting the Oil & Gas industry since before production at the Brent field began and we are glad to be a part of this historically significant project.’

Deebridge awarded distributorship of Rotor and Marathon motors for Aberdeen’s Oil & Gas and Marine sectors

Date: 05/08/2013

We are pleased to announce that Deebridge Electrical Engineers has entered into a distribution partnership with Rotor UK and Marathon Electric for the supply of EX IEC and NEMA motors to the Oil & Gas and Marine sectors. Deebridge is a well established Aberdeen based company, experienced in supplying low voltage electrical power equipment and services since 1947. Rotor UK and Marathon Electric are subsidiaries of Regal Beloit.

Deebridge serves many of the Oil & Gas Operators and Oilfield Services companies based in Aberdeen. Given that we have been around since the industry here first developed, we are well versed in the regulatory requirements that need to be met, utilizing our relationships with major manufacturers to source the best solution and best value electrical equipment for each job or project. All fully qualified and OEM authorized after-sale services are available locally through us.

Dutch manufacturer Rotor is well known in the marine and offshore markets for their high quality and robust product offering, recognized and accredited by a selection of international industry bodies. They were incorporated into the Regal Beloit Corporation in 2010 and customers have come to rely on them for specialized and custom motors that are more difficult to source. More information can be found on Rotor UK’s website by clicking here.

Marathon Electric is a long established American manufacturer, now celebrating their 100 year anniversary, and has been part of the Regal Beloit Corporation since 1997. Their range of NEMA motors are of the highest efficiency levels and are designed for longer life in the harshest environments with a 3 year warranty, higher than the standard 1 year warranty offered by other manufacturers. More information can be found on Marathon’s website by clicking here.

We know our clients are always working to tight schedules and unforeseen problems can happen, so having a local supplier with the necessary expertise is vital to keep operations running smoothly. The range of IEC and NEMA motors available will be able to meet EX requirements for onshore, offshore and marine purposes. Deebridge will also distribute a range of Marathon standard motors for the broader industrial sectors. We can provide fully qualified services and advice for identifying the necessary equipment specification, installation and maintenance for hazardous areas.

Please contact sales@deebridge.co.uk or call 01224 871548 for more information.

Deebridge is awarded distributorship of Marathon Electric motors for the Aberdeenshire region

Date: 05/08/2013

We are pleased to announce that Deebridge Electrical Engineers has entered into a distribution partnership with Marathon Electric for the supply of standard electric motors to the Aberdeenshire region. Deebridge is an Aberdeen based company supplying electrical equipment and services to the industrial sectors. Marathon is a subsidiary brand of Regal Beloit.

Having supplied the Aberdeenshire market with low voltage motors and electrical equipment for the past 70 years, Deebridge is always looking to provide customers with access to the biggest manufacturing names and ensure the provision of fully qualified after-sale services locally. Deebridge has excelled in catering to independent and smaller-sized businesses, providing affordable and fit for purpose solutions. We are the best placed distributor in Aberdeenshire to offer direct OEM account holder access for low volume and lower value orders at the most competitive prices.

Marathon Electric has been manufacturing motors for the global industrial markets since 1913 and is a part of the Regal Beloit Group. Although Marathon’s roots are in North America and they traditionally catered specifically for the American markets, their presence in Europe continues to strengthen. Close working relationships with selected distributors across the UK have played a key part in this success over the years. More information can be found on Marathon’s website by clicking here.

Together, Deebridge and Marathon will maintain a wide range of low voltage standard induction motor stock to be held at our Craigshaw Road facility in Aberdeen. We know our customers cannot always plan for when they will need to replace their motor equipment, so having a local supplier with stock at hand is vital to keep your business running as normal. The standard motor range will be able to meet most regular requirements as well as offering value for money. Deebridge can provide full services and advice for identifying the necessary equipment specification, installation and maintenance.

Please contact sales@deebridge.co.uk or call 01224 871548 for more information.

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